Power Training


BootCamp Fitness Shop Power Training!

Ready to feel the burn???  Bootcamp Fitness Shop provides you with high quality free weights, Kettlebells, Resistance, Medicine & Toning Balls to help you increase muscle mass and strength.  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition noted that between the ages of 20 to 80, individuals lose up to 30% of their muscle mass.  An effective strength-training program will improve your bone strength, muscles, and connective tissues.  Bootcamp Fitness Shop strength rings allows you more versatility and flexibility.  You can perform a wide variety of exercises with our comfortable free weights.  Bootcamp Fitness Shop weights allow you to work many muscle groups throughout your entire body. 

Bootcamp Fitness Shop also provides quality weightlifting benches.  Research has shown that a weight bench can help you get a better strength-training workout.

Is Power Training Right for Me?

Absolutely!!!  Using free weights is the surest way to strengthen your muscles, burn calories, and become better at regular daily activities.  Bootcamp Fitness Shop understands that the way free weights train your muscles is more applicable to real-life situations. Whether lifting groceries, playing in your local softball tournament, or running around with the kids, your entire body is involved.  You rarely isolate a muscle group when moving furniture or playing soccer -- your entire body is involved.  With Bootcamp Fitness Shop weights, you can target muscles from different angles, ensuring a balanced approach to your strength training routine, as well as, becoming stronger in everyday life.