BootCamp Fitness Shop Yoga!


“Where is the delusion when truth is known? Where is the disease when the mind is clear? Where is death when the Breath is controlled? Therefore, surrender to Yoga.” - T. Krishnamacharya

Bootcamp Fitness Shop provides everything you need for stress busting and focus creating Yoga workout.  Created over 5,000 years ago, Yoga is a set of specific exercises, called poses, combined with breathing techniques and meditation principles.  Yoga exercises are powerful routines that have many mental and health benefits. 


The poses that are performed in Yoga are for everyone, from beginners to experts with advanced flexibility, as well as, individuals of various ages.  There are more than 100 different forms of Yoga. Some are fast-paced and intense. Others are gentle and relaxing.  Yoga requires different equipment including Blocks, Mats, and Straps in order to get the most out of your poses.  If you have never tried a Yoga program, now is the time.  Bootcamp Fitness Shop wants to ensure you have the tools and equipment necessary to be successful.

What are the Benefits of Yoga?

Bootcamp Fitness Shop believes there are many mental and health benefits to Yoga.  From increasing your focus, becoming more mindful, and understanding yourself better to increasing strength, flexibility, and balance.  Yoga allows you to train the entire body and when the entire body is trained together, it develops a sense of balance and harmony.  Many of the top athletes in the world are turning to Yoga to improve their mind-body conditioning.  Consistent and effective Yoga Exercises will allow you to become more in tuned with your entire body, paving the way for better fitness and health. 


Check out our fantastic Yoga equipment and join your fellow Fitful Family members as we go from Warrior One, Warrior Two, to Warrior Three.